To disintegrate the inner self, not the universe - 1

The meaningless perfection..
How weird..
Everything is so flawless and so perfect..
They can’t be given any meaning.

To understand himself and the universe,
man feels the need to disintegrate and dismember the events happening around him
by drawing imaginary lines through them..

As we divide the universe and the matter into pieces,
we get stuck in the nothingness and nonexistence.

The meanings we gave to the pieces that we dismembered
cannot carry their own properties that we thought them to be self-existent

As long as we look ourselves and the universe as ‘signifying themselves’*,
we get futile results like meaningless and nothingness.

Even famous thinkers have had to say:
‘Just because it is so perfect, the universe is not understandable ‘

On the other hand, as long as the ‘inner self’ is being disintegrated and dismembered,
everything becomes a mirror to the uniqueness and the existence,
only then it signifies their real meanings.

Only then it signifies that we all actually are signs which are ‘bearing the meaning of another’* .. (1)
Only then we become the letters of that big book of the Creator (cc).

Only then we are saved from becoming futile and falling into endless darkness.
So to say, the secret of this ‘meaningless perfection’ is solved this way.

Pick one..

So, my inner self!
You are nothing as long as you stand stiff as a ramrod..
You even aren’t as worthy as a particle!

Before the Rabb (cc) (The Educator)..

Diminish and be so small that you become a truth as big as the universe.
Find your true meaning.

Only then your love for being infinite and unbounded can come into real,
only then you can find a way from the finite to the infinite.
Because the universe is a whole, the problem is in you my inner self!
Can’t you see it yet?!

Please see it..

Translated by Ömer ÖZTAŞLI /


- The Arabic word ‘Nefs’ is translated as the ‘inner self’. In islamic terminology the ‘inner self’ is one of the vital organs of our existence. The inner self may be considered as the contact surface of the soul to the body.

(1) ‘mana-i ismi’ is translated as ‘signifying themselves’ which means to look to the existence on their own accounts. ‘mana-harfi’ is translated as ‘bearing the meaning of another’ which means to look to the existence on account of its Creator, Allah (cc). ‘Mana’ means ‘meaning’, ‘ism’ means ‘name’, ‘harf’ means ‘letter’. Letters do not exist in a word to signify themselves. They exist to signify the meaning of the word they compose. So to say, it would be very wrong to look to the existence on their own accounts. This would be ignoring the very meaning of their existence.

“Yes, the All-Wise Qur’an is a most elevated expounder, a most eloquent
translator of the Mighty Qur’an of the Universe. Yes, it is the Criterion which instructs
man and the jinn concerning the signs of creation inscribed by the pen of power on the
pages of the universe and on the leaves of time. It regards beings, each of which is a
meaningful letter, as bearing the meaning of another, that is, it looks at them on account
of their Maker. It says, “How beautifully they have been made! How exquisitely they
point to their Maker’s beauty!”, thus showing the universe’s true beauty. But the
philosophy they call natural philosophy or science has plunged into the decorations of the
letters of beings and into their relationships, and has become bewildered; it has confused
the way of reality. While the letters of this mighty book should be looked at as bearing
the meaning of another, that is, on account of God, they have not done this; they have
looked at beings as signifying themselves. That is, they have looked at beings on account
of beings, and have discussed them in that way. Instead of saying, “How beautifully they
have been made,” they say “How beautiful they are,” and have made them ugly. In doing
this they have insulted the universe, and made it complain about them. Indeed,
philosophy without religion is a sophistry divorced from reality and an insult to the

Words, 12th Word, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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