The Prologue for the Story of Adam - 2

Did you say that you forgot?
Maybe it is given for you to revise yourself,
Maybe because you are human..
Don’t forget;
To forget is a primordial cure.. (1)
Life is like a complex lace
Consisting of strings weaved together, depending each other .. (2)
Half of the clues are inside of it.
You need to start from there.
You need to find the cure within the bane..


Aren’t you happy?
Then try to understand.
To understand is the happiness.. (3)
Start with those which are to the fore..
Don’t forget;
The first language that should be learned is the language of sweet talk.. (4)


Do you think that you don’t belong to this world?
Me too..
I think I look like a huge whale
Trying to swim in a small lake.
I look at the lake; the whale is big,
I look at the whale; the lake is small.. (5)


If you want to find the eternity
You need to hold on to the rope of mercy
Lowered by the Eternal One (cc).
The road is long.
Opportunities are scarce.
But He (cc) is close to you, closer than your own jugular vein (6)
Don’t forget;
The movement results in the temperature,
The temperature results in the force,
The force results in the attraction. (7)
If you wish to reach the beyond and to be cured,
The secret of the eternity
Is hidden within the attraction of Muhammad (pbuh) ..

Allah (cc) created an opportunity.
He (cc) named it ‘You’.
He (cc) opened the closed door an inch.
For ‘You’..
Only for He (cc) knew ‘You’..
Just look at yourself,
Then join into this unification..

Translated by Ömer ÖZYAŞLI /


(1). Tevfik Fikret

(2). Taşkın Tuna

(3). Stephan Hawking

(4). Barış Manço

(5). / To be born into eternity

(6). Surah Qaf : 16

(7). Bediüzzaman Said Nursi


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