The Compass

‘THE UNİVERSE is our skin trap’. (1)
So says Senai Demirci.
He tells the truth.
In an universe defined with timeliness,
if we don’t want to be caught by skin traps,
we have to use our mind correctly.
The chamber of the faith is the heart and its warden is the mind. (2)
A wise man who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment,
is responsible to show patience to these three things;
Patience in prayers,
Patience against sins,
Patience against calamity. (3)
Patience is the key for every hardship.
Our souls radiate light in the extent that we are patient.
Our resolutions about the infinite life
can be measured by our endurance against hardship.
For example;
Someone who didn’t experienced any hardship,
all through his life,
shall not have a resolution for the infinite life.
Man is preparing for a life which will be lived in the speed of the thought.
The patience teaches him that the soul is able to guide the body.
In the man whose feeling of patience is not developed,
through the form of existence where the soul touches the body, the self (nefs),
the body takes the soul captive .
The soul’s perception of reality is spiritual. (4)
Because the performance of the soul
is hidden within the tranquility of the patience,
it turns into a concrete compass trough the patience.
Otherwise the loss is unavoidable.(5)
Which wind can help a ship
that doesn’t have a direction to go?
The benefaction of patience
is given to counter the difference of quality
between our souls and bodies.
Otherwise the Creator (c.c),
like the III. Vlad the Voyvoda,
is not torturing us.
The inpatient man stumbles at every step of his body
either because he passes over steps,
or he leaves it incomplete, being defeated by his desires.
The level of the man is as high as his soul.
That’s why the rage, the ambition
are causes of deprivation.
May Allah (cc) forbids it,
We shouldn’t have the total absence in addition to it.


(1). Everything that make us desire harmful things for ourselves. Worldly desires, ambitions, idleness, etc..

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Translated by Ömer Özyaşlı /


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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