The Inherent Truth

Say: “O you unbelievers (who obstinately reject faith)!”
“I do not worship that which you worship.”
“Nor are you worshipping what I worship.”
“Nor will I ever worship that which you worship.”
“And nor will you ever worship what I worship.”
“You have your religion and I have my religion.”

Surah Al-Kafirun

WE ARE in the middle of a world of partial truths. Mevlana says with regard to this issue: “We mortals perceive only the beginning of the Allah’s (cc) plan. We don’t precisely understand His purpose and object right away.”

We live in a world that the truth and the wrong are mixed together. In other words, a world or partial truths…

We are in the middle of virtual realities where mostly a part of the truth is visible. Such an environment is opalescent and slippery.

There is no way for man to save himself from this trap except one: To know the nature of the blasphemy (please see the definition).

Which things are destroyed by blasphemy? What does it strip off from our inherent truth? What kind of a virtual reality we are swept into? When we start to give answers to these questions we can also realize the slipperiness of partial truths.

Only the people who find their inherent truth are the people who can set sail into the climate of absolute truth. This is possible by avoiding blasphemy. To know what sins are, belongs to the same principle. The Repentance which means to know his sin is the most obvious inherent truth of man. Man can release himself from the pressure of the earth only if he realizes the nature of blasphemy. If not, everything is partial for him, everything is blurred and slippery.

The inborn properties, the conscience, the mind, the heart, the ego… We cannot find our inherent truth without running these priceless spiritual organs. There is only one support point for inner truth: To know the nature of the blasphemy and avoid it at all costs. Only by doing this, man can shatter his virtual realities and save himself from the dilemma of reality and fiction.

The nature and the definition of the blasphemy is the man’s most objective pivot he got. Everything else is subjective and partial, especially for the man living just in the middle of the end-days world.

To know what is the blasphemy and what does it corrupt and destroy, in our eternal quest of knowing and learning ourselves and our Owner what does it veil to convert us into a fictional machine of a virtual world who can violate the rights of all living, how it turns everything and everybody into enemies, what is the cost of the denial, the refusal and the acknowledgment of non-existence for man and eventually how it will transform him into a monster, will start the return journey from the matrix of partial truths to fact of inherent truth.

* * *

The Definition:

Literal meaning of the word “Kufr” (Blasphemy) is to veil, to hide, to cloud, to enshroud, to overlay, to coat and to enclose. It is the opposite of to believe, to be certain and to feel confident and safe. It is a personal status of determination in which lies, truths and all other judgments mixed together and enshrouded with denial. The person who has this attribute is called Kafir (Blasphemer).

* * *

Blasphemy is rebellion and destruction:

..disbelief, rebellion, and evil are destruction and nonexistence. However, vast destruction and innumerable instances of non-existence may result from a single theoretical matter and one instance of non-existence. Through the helmsman of a large ship abandoning his duty, the ship may sink and the labor of all those employed on it go for nothing; all those instances of destruction will result from a single instance of non-existence. Similarly, since disbelief and rebellion are nonexistence and destruction, the power of choice may provoke them through a theoretical matter and cause awesome consequences. For although disbelief is only one evil, it insults the whole universe, accusing it of being worthless and futile, and denies all beings, which display proofs of Divine unity, and is contemptuous towards all the manifestations of the Divine Names. It is therefore pure wisdom that Almighty God utters severe complaints about the unbelievers, threatening them awesomely in the name of the universe and all beings and the Divine Names; it is pure justice that they should suffer eternal punishment.

(Words / 26.Word)

Blasphemy is an insult to all universe and a violation of rights of all the creation:

..unbelief and misguidance are terrible aggression and crimes that concern all beings. For one of the most important results of the universe’s creation is man’s worship and his responding to divine dominicality with belief and submission. However, due to the denial which is a part of disbelief, the people of unbelief and misguidance reject that supreme result, which is the ultimate reason for the continued existence of beings, and they therefore perpetrate a sort of transgression against the beings’ rights. Moreover, since they deny the manifestations of the divine names which are apparent in the mirrors of beings and exalt their value, they both insult those sacred names, and by degrading the value of all beings, greatly depreciate them. Also, although beings are dominical officials charged with elevated duties, by their unbelief, the people of misguidance cast them down, and showing them to be lifeless, transitory, meaningless creatures, they in a way violate the rights of all of them.

(The Flashes / 13.Flash)

Through belief, man rises to the highest of the high and through blasphemy; he descends to the lowest of the low:

Through the light of belief, man rises to the highest of the high and acquires a value worthy of Paradise. And through the darkness of unbelief, he descends to the lowest of the low and falls to a position fit for Hell. For belief connects man to the All-Glorious Maker; it is a relation. Thus, man acquires value by virtue of the Divine art and inscriptions of the dominical Names which become apparent in him through belief. Unbelief severs the relation, and due to that severance the dominical art is concealed. His value then is only in respect to the matter of his physical being. And since this matter has only a transitory, passing, temporary animal life, its value is virtually nothing.

(Words/ 23.Word)

* * *

The Result:

Today’s Muslim community is imposed to live a life of contempt and conviction not a life of glory and honor. The dominant and present way of life is not the code of Muslim; it is a non-Muslim way of life. Therefore it is more important to determine what the wrongs are rather than the rights today. It is much easier to find out the wrongs in such an environment.

To complete this earthly life with the least possible loss and to reach to the inherent truth which leads to the absolute truth is only possible by staying away and avoid the blasphemy and all of its kinds. If not, everything is partial, blurred and slippery which shows that man won’t have a grip on the truth in the end. Certainly, this is the first condition to not become a fictional toy in a virtual world.

In short, we must heed the warnings of Hz. Muhammed (pbuh) which can be summarized in few words: To confront the blasphemy “with the hand, with the tongue and with the heart”. If the active confrontation of blasphemy (with the action-hand and words-tongue) is not possible, a passive resistance by disliking it (with heart) is a must. Hz. Imam-i Rabbani calls this last resort as “spiritual migration”. If even this can’t be done against the blasphemy the least harm that can be exposed is a prison of partial and virtual truths. No matter what he does, the person in this situation can only see the blurred and slippery part of the truth. But the blurred and the slippery part of the truth is not the truth itself.

We must open holes through this prison of partial truths, this fiction of end-days by personal defiances like prayers (salat). While those fictions are falling one by one, our inherent truth will handle the rest with the help of Allah (cc).

Translated by Ömer ÖZYAŞLI /


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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