To be born into eternity

A HUMAN baby grows within his mother’s womb. Many of his organs are capable to work especially after 6th month of pregnancy but they cannot be fully used because of insufficient environment.

For example, there are eyes but they can’t work in the absence of light. There are ears but they can’t hear in the absence of sounds. There is stomach but it doesn’t work because the nutrition is supplied through navel cord. There are lungs but breathing is impossible because there is no air.

Those masterpieces are used under their capacities or cannot be used at all due to insufficient environment. It would be foolish to think that these idly waiting precious organs are useless or in vain. Telling that “They don’t work anyway” and then ruining them would be a murder, for the existence of our organs equipped with excellent functions is one of the greatest proofs that they are given to be used after in our life.

With the death of the most important bond of life in our ‘intrauterine life’, the death of the navel cord, a more extensive and excellent life begins. Only then the importance and the value of these organs can be understood. Now there is light so we can see, there is sound so we can hear, there is air so we can breathe. So to say, our organs work like bridges securing our integration with our own lives.

Like every human beings coming into the life right now, our ‘intra-world life’ continue. In this life, we have also superior equipments which are used under their capacity just because we can’t find the ideal environment. Although we see the existence of our unique futures special to mankind, which we can call them ‘our spiritual and gentle organs’, it is another insane murder to ruin them thinking that they are useless or in vain because the existence of these spiritual and gentle organs, in other words, the existence of our equipments desiring the eternity like the nature of man, the conscience, the mind, the comprehension, the heart, etc. prove that even a more excellent eternal realm and a level of life await us.

Like the womb of the mother which become too small for a baby close to delivery, the worldly life does not provide sufficient environment for abilities and desires special to mankind to effortlessly and precisely blossom. Human being is like a gigantic whale trying to swim within a small lake. Either the lake is too small or the whale is too big.

When our time comes or our intra-world life’s navel cord is cut with the scalpel of death, when we leave this level of life and born into unbounded time and eternal and extensive realm, the importance and value of our spiritual and gentle organs will be fully understood. Like the day that eye got acquainted with that all enveloping light, on the day we will enter the climate of the beyond, in the moment that we will meet the eternal life, we will understand that none of them are given in vain, none of them are irrelevant.

The real value of everything will be understood in afterlife. Therefore we need to be very careful and delicate about our spiritual organs. The real success is to be able to water these organs with the water of faith through their life vein called ‘Islam’.

The messenger of Allah (pbuh) who is the traveler of realms of eternity and He who clearly saw the benefit of our spiritual organs in those realms spiritually says: ‘Good news to ones who manage to use their spiritual and gentle organs to use in the way of Allah without ruining them. They are the ones who achieved their goals. They have the greeting from their Rabb (The highest One, the Educator of all)’

Translated by Ömer Özyaşlı –


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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