The Oral Examination

DURİNG THE lesson, she faced towards the class and said: “Guys! Never believe in the things you don’t see. To rely on powers which don’t exist is not something that modern people do..”

She always enjoyed to poison the minds of the kids with her unbelief. Again, she was doing the same: “Do not take the lies of the past seriously. It is needed to believe in perfect coincidences. For Instance, in the light of current science…”

In the end of her speech she said: “You presumably understood what I mean..”

In the next lesson, she was making an oral examination of one of the students. She asked him of ‘The Inscriptions of Gokturk’. When and by whom were they scribed?

The student said: “I don’t believe that Gokturks ever lived and scribed on stones. Those patterns on the stones are coincidently occurred notches.”

The class became quiet like a bomb fell into the classroom. Nobody was talking.

The teacher shouted with anger: “What are you talking about? Is it possible that a masterpiece which was written by Kultigin Khan for his people was just occurred by itself? Apparently, you didn’t study your lesson well.”

The student said: “But in previous lesson you said: ‘Don’t believe the things you don’t see’. “How can I know that those inscriptions are scribed by those people?”

The student was using the teacher’s own weapon against her: “Is it logical to tell the exact story of a folk lived 1500 years ago by just looking to some notches on two stone pillars?

He said to angry looking teacher: “You presumably understood what I mean..”

The student saw his teacher in his dream in the night of that day. His teacher was dead and being questioned..

The questioning angles said: “What are you talking about?”. While punishing him they were saying:”Is it possible that the book of universe which was written for people was just occurred by itself?” The teacher was struggling in fear and hopelessness.

The questioning angles said: “Apparently, you didn’t study your lesson well. Take her too..”

They took her to the dark section for those who failed the lesson..

You presumably understood what I mean..

Translated by Ömer Özyaşlı –


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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