The Sultanate

ONCE İN a time, there was a person whose prayers are always accepted. He was Allah’s (cc) delicate and blessed servant. One day, the sultan came to visit him to be in his prayers and said: “My master, what is the most beneficial thing in the world?”

The wise man answered: “To discharge, after eating the food given by Allah (cc) and praising.”

The sultan got angry. He thought that he has been disrespected and then he left displeased.

At night, the sultan woke up with a terrible stomachache. He immediately went to bathroom but whatever he has done he couldn’t discharge. While he was thinking that he was going to die with this bellyache, he remembered the master. With the last effort, he prepared and urgently went to the blessed man. He said: “My master, I am in a terrible situation. Please pray for me or I will die!”

Allah’s (cc) good servant looked to the sultan and said: “If you give me your sultanate and crown, I will pray to Allah (cc). Maybe He (cc) will pity you and save you from this situation.”

While he was thinking that he will die soon in this terrible stomachache, he wailed: “Let my sultanate and crown be yours. For the sake of God, please give me a cure for this sorrow!”

Allah’s (cc) delicate and blessed servant raised his hands and prayed for the sultan. Right after this prayer, sultan was able to discharge right there. The good servant of Allah said: “What a marvelous sultanate which can be left for a discharge. What a wonderful crown which doesn’t worth more than a discharge. We don’t need such worthless sultanate. Let it be yours…”

Translated by Ömer Özyaşlı –


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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