The place where the love is tested: The Earth

MUSTAFA ULUSOY says: “Untested love is untrustworthy”. He tells the truth.. How do you understand that people love you? By testing it of course. By looking weather they are with you at hard times or not. By observing their sacrifices. Life of this world is a phase. A place where our inner faces are appeared and all loves are tested. This is one of the critical answers to question: why we came to earth or what do we do here?

The life of the world is a scene which is constructed for the human - with his most mature state - to make him able to apprehend his Rabb (The highest One, the Educator of all). It has a private scenario. The human is not an entity who can only behaviorally respond but also he is an entity who can verbally reply (1) and be a respondent to his Creator. He is being loved so much.. From the darkest states of nonexistence he has been brought into the field of existence. He has been granted life. Not like a plant or an animal, he has been crated as the most glorious creation. He has been taken as respondent like human and his chair is rendered as high as his soul. The Rabb of universes is making a huge universe to turn around the human like a moth. Those countless and unrequited benefactions given to human show us how much we are loved by the Creator and how much we are esteemed. (2) If He (cc) didn’t love the human, why would he give those countless and unrequited benefactions to him?! Do you give even one smallest of your belongings to someone you don’t love?

Hope there is no error in the simile. We can compare Allah’s (cc) love for the human to the mother’s love and compassion for her child. (3) In the life of this world, all the relationships other than this -except the real brotherhood of faith- are mostly depend on the benefit. (4)

The result coming from all this: It is a fact that Allah (cc) loves us. Shouldn’t a really loving Creator determine how much we love Him (cc)? Shouldn’t He (cc) declare and show this to other creations? Shouldn’t He (cc) share many truths He know (cc) with the most beloved human?

To gain our adaptation and abilities for the life beyond which is lived at the speed of the thought we have to understand His (cc) test of “how much we love Him (cc)”. With the thought of “sine qua non of the life eternity can be obtained in this life”, we have to understand that obtainment of those adaptations and abilities require this kind of arrangement, exercise and education. (5)

How can you understand how much the people you love so much really loves you? Can you trust untested loves?

In this world, it is being looked for the real answers of how much we love Him (cc), not for the so called answers..

And it is being found too.. (6)


  1. The Great Project 1 and 2 / Aykut Tanrikulu

  2. “Love is the cause of the universe's existence, and what binds it; and it is both the light of the universe and its life. Since man is the most comprehensive fruit of the universe, a love that will conquer the universe has been included in his heart, the seed of that fruit.”

    24. Word/ 5. Branch/ 1. Fruit

  3. "Allah Almighty has divided mercy into one hundred parts. He kept ninety-nine parts and sent down one part to earth. Because of that one single part, creatures are merciful to one another so that even the mare will lift its hooves away from its foal so that it does not trample on it."

    Hadith reported by Ebu Hurayra (ra), Bukhari, Good Manners 19, Rikaak 19, Tirmizi / Daavat 107-8, Kutub-i Sitte 7-265

  4. Entry to the tale of the Adam – 4 / Aykut Tankrikulu

  5. Instant (Like Kelime-I Tawhid : Accepting the unity and uniqueness of Allah), daily (Es-salat: prayers), mothly (fasting), yearly (Zakat: The Muslims' wealth tax) and once in a life (Hajj: pilgrimage) educations and exercises are required. Those practices and educational methods/tools are mandated to counter the qualitative difference between our infinite part (soul) and our finite part (body). These are determined as sine qua non of way to become a mature human. We need these exercises and practices in our life of this world but we shouldn’t forget that these are tools not the purposes. In the life of beyond, there is no religious practices like praying and fasting cause we won’t need them anymore.

    “He who abides the Fard (Obligatory) and evades the Kabair (Major sins) is saved.”

    Kastamonu Lahika p110

  6. “He who draws near to Me a hand's span, I draw near to him an arm's length. And if he draws near to Me an arm's length, I draw near to him a fathom's length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.”

    Hadith-Qudsi (A saying of Allah Ta'ala narrated by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that is not part of the Holy Qur'an.) Bukhari and Muslim

Translated by Omer Ozyasli –


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