The Eternity Attack

CAN HUMAN desire something that he didn’t see before?
Something that he didn’t hear, taste or know..
Maybe!.. Human is curious.
Well, can he desire something which doesn’t exist?
For example,
Could we demand to listen to a music which wouldn’t be composed?!.
Or to see someone who wouldn’t be born?!.
Could we desire to taste a fruit which doesn’t exist?!.
Our logic and emotions tell us that this is not possible.
If it is impossible to want something non-existent,
Why human constantly desire the eternity?
If it didn’t exist!.
Where does this mystery in which the beyond was requested come from?
Or is this really a mystery?
I don’t think so..
First of all,
If we desire it, it absolutely exits.
Not having it in our hands doesn’t mean that we will never have it.
A desire which wouldn’t be given is a demand which doesn’t exist.
In this case,
It means that we are facing a demand of eternity which we cannot obtain by ourselves.
A power beyond our own…
Certainly, he can fulfill our desire.
If he didn’t want to give, he wouldn’t give “to want”.

A little example...

Hope there is no error in the simile..
Let say, one day a 1-2 year old small child
who does not speak,
who cannot tell his whishes
was kidnapped by some men.
They gave intravenous morphine to him.
Because of those injections
the kid addicted to morphine.
Then they released the kid where they got him.
what will this kid will do
when his fragile body showed symptoms of his addiction to morphine?
He could say that he want something which he doesn’t know
yet he doesn’t know how to speak.
He could demand it
yet he doesn’t know what he is addicted to.
While morphine attacks, he moans with an inexpressible pain
but he doesn’t know the cure which could tranquillize him.
The kid is wandering here and there
but he cannot know what’s his desire, he cannot say, he cannot demand..

Moral of the fable..
It is something like.. In the world of spirits,
the eternity was injected to human and then just sent to earth
and the human is wandering here and there like the kid.
Human does many things to put out the attacks of eternity:
He turns to the money..
He hopes help from prosperity!
He relies on power,
He expects to find the solution in being powerful and running after his benefits,
He tends to human laws,
He seeks peace in humanism!.
He sets his heart on materialism, naturalism and determinism,
He expects the most unexpected things from the material and the nature which are weak as much as he is
He falls back upon the fame and the glory,
He thinks that he found the solution when he is exalted by other people. etc..

Desires are too many but..
Human desires too much
yet he doesn’t know most of the words to say.
What he wants,
from Whom he wants,
is something that he doesn’t think.
He doesn’t consult to “treatment centers” which could be his sanatorium
so that his “Eternity attacks” could be calmed down..

The last word..
The pride of humanity,
The healer of all (pbuh) says: ‘Come, you are sick, here is your cure..’
but most of us still play the three monkeys
I didn’t see, I didn’t hear, I didn’t know!.
For those who say ‘The religion is the opiate of the masses’:
The real opium is;
To neglect the love of eternity which is penetrated to his bones
To try to show those attacks of eternity which curls the human like attacks of malaria
as a mark of dirt.

Translated by Omer Ozyasli /


© 2021, Aykut Tanrıkulu

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