Not in the beyond, here and now.

I pace that bridge in the ‘moment’ in which I live and I am present. Either I pass or fall. In that moment, I apprehend that the visible part of the bridge called siraat is another name given to earth.

I wonder how the field of existence is vibrating between the existence and nonexistence. Truly, it is vibrating like popping flashes within an infinite darkness moment by moment. Suddenly, it starts to show itself in the scene of existence and in the same instant it reaches the boundary of nonexistence too. Atom - emptiness, cell - emptiness, earth – emptiness, space – emptiness… From the particle to the sphere, everything is hanged in emptiness and comes close to the boundary of the nonexistence. That’s why I say “Earth is the boundary of the nonexistence” and “what we pace is the siraat”.

At first, I look through the eyes of philosophy. I observe the emptiness under that siraat and the nonexistence next to it. From the smallest to the biggest, I wonder why everything just doesn’t fall into nonexistence. They pace their siraat with great speed but they don’t fall (2)

Then, I recognize that they are hanged to the field of existence with a smooth and infinite thread. Despite their impotencies, they seem so majestic.

A voice says: “What you see is the thread of vahdet (unity, uniqueness), it saves you from disintegration”. I am all ears to the voice, it is coming from far away yet it is next to me: “Why don’t you rope up to the extended rope of Rahmet (the mercy of Allah)?”, it says. “To the Rabb (The highest One, the Educator of all) of universes who is the owner of the day of din (religion, way)”. (3)

At first, I see it remote and don’t take it seriously but at every moment when I sever the link between me and the Creator, I fall from siraat and lose. I disintegrate spiritually. I look like I exist on the outside but in truth I disappear. At that moment, the life hell begins.

Then, I remember everything that is turned back from the boundary of nonexistence; the thread of vahdet, the Rabb who is the owner of the day of din. I include myself into that marvelous Tawheed (4) and into everything. Under the light of wahy (Revelation. Inspiration placed in the heart or mind of the prophets by Allah), my dried mind starts to come into leaf again. I recognize that I have a heart which can contain biggest of universes, more importantly, that I am being loved.

Willingly, I say: “iyyake na’büdü ve iyyake nestain” (5) My siraat is just enlightened. Under the leadership of Resul-i Ekrem (Prophet Muhammed pbuh), millions are crossing over the bridge saying moment by moment: “ihdinas’siraat el-mustakîm. Siraatallezine en amte aleyhim” (6)

Then I hear the footsteps of the philosophy from the direction of the hell. Unfortunately, they are falling… I say: “gayril mağdubi aleyhim veleddallin.” (7) praising.

With Al-Fatiha, I show my situation to my Rabb to not to fall. To open (AL-Fatiha means to open) and to pass that bridge

Siraat! Not in the beyond, here and now. I pass it at the ‘moment’ that I grasp the thread of vahdet. At the ‘moment’ that I could transmit it to the beyond.



(1) Literally means "road". It is the bridge over the nar (Hellfire) which must be crossed to enter the paradise on the day of judgement. It is described in hadeeth (sayings of the prophet Muhammed pbuh) as being narrower than the blade of a sword, thinner than a hair and as having hooks over it to snatch wrongdoers and throw them into jahanam (Hell). Some will cross the Siraat into the paradise like lightning or like the wind, some with ease, some with difficulty, some with great difficulty and some will fall into the waiting fire below. Please see the Holy Qur' an, Mariam (19):71.

(2) Earth rotates around itself at the speed of a rocket (1800 km/h). It orbits around the sun 70 times faster than a cannon ball (107.000 km/h). Solar system orbits around the Milky Way at a speed of 1.000.000 km/h. Moment by moment but without scattering.

(3) The Holy Quran; Al-Fatiha: 2-3

(4) The Divine Unity, Unity in its most profound sense. Allah is One in His Essence and His Attributes and His Acts. The whole universe and what it contains is One unified event which in itself has no lasting reality. Allah is the Real, AI-Haqq

(5) The Holy Quran; Al-Fatiha: 4

(6) The Holy Quran; Al-Fatiha: 5-6

(7) The Holy Quran; Al-Fatiha: 7


Translated by Omer Ozyasli /omer.ozyasli@gmail.com


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