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Wisdom and Justice


Beings exist and no one can deny it. And beings, each of which is a work of art, come into existence in a wise and artistic fashion(1). Within them are acts extremely well-ordered. A well-ordered act cannot be without its actor. So, there must be one who is acting. Since that actor acts both in orderliness and balance, he must then be wise and just. Since he is wise, he does not act in vain. Since he is just, he acts with justice and does not waste the rights of his subjects (2) as he is supposed to give the deserving their right and the wrongdoer their due by way of punishment (3) There will therefore be a place of assembly and a supreme tribunal.

For the tyrannical and cruel usually live in great ease and comfort, while the oppressed and upright pass their lives under great difficulties and in

degradation. Then comes death making the two equal. If this equality had no end and was not finite, it would be apparently unjustice. However, wisdom and justice that are free of all inequity as are established by the testimony of all well-ordered and balanced acts in beings (4) self-evidently require a final assembly where they are accordingly punished and rewarded, respectively (5) If there is no such a place, the order and measure we see in creation would be in vain and everything a lie. The truth is our existence here requires our existence in the hereafter.


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