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Nuptial Night

YOU ARE READY FOR WEDDİNG. YOU ARE HAPPY because you are getting married. You are happy because you are ready to start spending every night of rest of your life with one you are in love with. You are happy because tonight is the first one of those nights, nuptial night actually, the happiest moment of your life.

You "set up a date" for wedding months ago. Not only does your happiness start from that "set-up-day," but also you grow impatience along with the increasing happiness as days and months go by. It reaches its climax on the day of wedding, actually wedding night. You just can't wait for that happy moment. Now you are the happiest person on earth because you are wrapped up by the arms of the person you love most and you miss most.

For us, people of belief, is there anybody or anything more beloved than God? Who loves him dearly and sincerely during their lives, of course, will want to be with him forever. And isn't the day we die on the first day of being with Him with no more separation? So, why will be afraid of death as it means "meeting" Him and starting to spend eternity with Him? And don't you think death is supposed to be as desirable as you wedding party aas you supposedly love Him more than even your spouse?

Believing so, anybody who knows that they are about to die starts getting ready for arriving God with utmost enthusiasm rather than giving up life with no hope to live. Is it at all possible that one who is going to get married in months should give up and ruin their lives instead of getting ready for a better life in which everything will be shared?

If a 9-month-fetus in the mother's womb were sufficiently intelligent and were told that he/she is about to be delivered to a new and larger world other than the mother's narrow womb, he/she most probably wouldn't like the idea of leaving the womb and passing to a new place and life.

Our worldly life is just like the life of the fetus in the womb. Birth, in reality, is end of fetal life in the womb, say, death of fetus, but death of fetus is beginning of a better life.

We all are fetuses in the womb of this world. When our "set-up-day" comes, this world will deliver us into a better world, the hereafter. Aren't we all happy to have left our mothers's wombs?

Death is an "appointment time" through which we meet God in person Who is "introduced" to us throughout our lives. Worldly life is an introduction to an eternal life like an introduction page of a wonderful book. If the introductory part is so enjoyable, you can imagine how sweet the following chapters (eternal life) of that book are. Death is just like turning the first page of that book so that you read rest of it. That's it.

Let people who do not recognize Him in their lives fear death, not us.


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